Colourful Valparaiso

Valparaiso is an incredibly colorful, arty, hilly, hippy city for people with strong legs.  In fact, it’s probably the most colourful city I’ve ever seen and I’ve never walked such steep hills. When we arrived, we agreed that the rental car had to be parked and stay where it was. There was no way our tiny standard could handle those inclines!  Continue reading

Between the Pines in Algorrobo

Our arrival in Chile didn’t start off exactly as planned. The flight was amazing because we had a clear view of the Andes as we descended into Santiago but we were left with much to be desired when we saw our rental car. Sami is responsible for renting our cars and he’s still paying the price for this booking! Not only does it have bicycle wheels for tires, it has no air conditioning! It drives like a tin can and feels like you are pushing 200 km/h when you go above 80 km/h. The one positive thing is that Sami looks enormous in it and it really makes me smile. Also Nu seems to really enjoy it because he thinks it’s just another one of his toy cars. Despite it’s miniature size, it got us to our first destination in Chile – Algarrobo – in one piece.  Continue reading

Nu in Thailand

Nu really hit the jackpot with our stay in Hua Hin. He was on the beach everyday, had an endless selection of quality stones at the Sheraton Hotel, was adored by all the staff, played until he collapsed at the kid’s club and had all the seafood he could dream of.  Continue reading

Nu in Taiwan

Surprisingly, Tainan is quite child friendly, with toys, parks and highchairs being easy to find. Even though our apartment is really small and Nu only has his small collection of toys, he’s been quite happy here and very busy exploring. Continue reading

A Taste of Taiwan

Tainan is a place for the senses. There are bright lanterns stringing the temple lined streets, clouds of incense blowing in the air, smells of fresh (and not so fresh) street food at every corner and loud sounds of fighter jets flying over head and fire crackers going off in the distance. Continue reading

Namba Nights

Japan has given us no shortage of things to blog about. We knew Japan would be like nothing we had ever experienced before but this place has been beyond our weirdest expectations. Our first stop was Osaka, where we stayed in a neighbourhood called Namba, in an area known as Nipponbashi. We had a great apartment that was much bigger than what we thought we would have in Japan, having heard about the success of capsule hotels in this country. You can check it out here. Continue reading