Colourful Valparaiso

Valparaiso is an incredibly colorful, arty, hilly, hippy city for people with strong legs.  In fact, it’s probably the most colourful city I’ve ever seen and I’ve never walked such steep hills. When we arrived, we agreed that the rental car had to be parked and stay where it was. There was no way our tiny standard could handle those inclines!  Continue reading

A Merry Christmas in Malaysia

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country so when we planned our month long stay here over Christmas, we weren’t expecting it to feel very ‘Christmassy’. There’s definitely no snow but we were pleasantly surprised by the trees, ornaments and lights hanging absolutely everywhere. It seems that on the island of Penang everyone embraces and celebrates Christmas regardless of their religion. Continue reading

Nu in Thailand

Nu really hit the jackpot with our stay in Hua Hin. He was on the beach everyday, had an endless selection of quality stones at the Sheraton Hotel, was adored by all the staff, played until he collapsed at the kid’s club and had all the seafood he could dream of.  Continue reading

Blissfully Bored in Hua Hin

At the end of our time in Taiwan we were feeling dirty, tired and very ready for a vacation from our vacation. We vowed to ourselves that after two months of moving every ten days or so that we needed to stay put in one place for a long stretch and seriously chill. We also decided that it was time for a family makeover, with new clothes and haircuts all around. Continue reading

Nu in Taiwan

Surprisingly, Tainan is quite child friendly, with toys, parks and highchairs being easy to find. Even though our apartment is really small and Nu only has his small collection of toys, he’s been quite happy here and very busy exploring. Continue reading

A Taste of Taiwan

Tainan is a place for the senses. There are bright lanterns stringing the temple lined streets, clouds of incense blowing in the air, smells of fresh (and not so fresh) street food at every corner and loud sounds of fighter jets flying over head and fire crackers going off in the distance. Continue reading

Nouri sur un Velo à Kyoto

When we arrived in Kyoto we knew right away that we were going to have a very different experience than we had in Osaka. The streets here are dotted with temples, gardens and shrines, and it’s rare to see a building over five stories. This place is very tranquil, and being the old imperial capital, is very rich in history. Continue reading