Rainy days in Wellington

Its been pouring rain for days now and despite being summer in New Zealand its been an average high of 14 degrees all week. This might have been disappointing if we had come all the way from Canada for our holiday but for us it was an amazing excuse to take a break and watch way too many Disney movies. I swear our Airbnb was designed for this weather, with sheep skins draped absolutely everywhere and a big fireplace. It could not have been more cozy. Continue reading

I Brought us to a Ghost Town

After 22 hours of travelling from Malaysia we finally touched down in New Zealand. We were tired, dirty and sore (particularly me from cradling Nu in my arms all night). After a few meltdowns, collecting our baggage, getting our rental car and downing nearly a liter of coffee each, we hit the road to begin our North Island road trip. Sami was feeling thankful for the left sided driving experience he had gained in Malaysia…where you can knock over a few motor bikes and people will just laugh about it. Continue reading

Kampung Love

As in every place we visit, I have found my favourite place to eat – and this one ranks up there with my korean BBQ obsession in Seoul (which says a lot). It’s called Andrew’s Kampung – meaning village in Malay – and has the most delicious and reasonably priced authentic Chinese food I’ve ever tasted. Just thinking of the crispy duck and black pepper beef is making me drool! Most of the staff (who are all related) wear cute t-shirts that say ‘Love Kampung’ but one auntie wears a t-shirt that says ‘Tame and Lovely Pussy’ which never fails to make me laugh out loud.  Continue reading

A Merry Christmas in Malaysia

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country so when we planned our month long stay here over Christmas, we weren’t expecting it to feel very ‘Christmassy’. There’s definitely no snow but we were pleasantly surprised by the trees, ornaments and lights hanging absolutely everywhere. It seems that on the island of Penang everyone embraces and celebrates Christmas regardless of their religion. Continue reading

Nu in Thailand

Nu really hit the jackpot with our stay in Hua Hin. He was on the beach everyday, had an endless selection of quality stones at the Sheraton Hotel, was adored by all the staff, played until he collapsed at the kid’s club and had all the seafood he could dream of.  Continue reading