Nu in Korea

Nu is 13 months and seems more like a toddler than a baby now. Tear. He’s an extremely outgoing and strong willed little guy. He has made friends with literally everyone we have passed in the streets of Seoul and charmed them with this weird finger pointing thing he does. Funnily enough everyone does it back to him and its become like this strange universal greeting.  Continue reading

Eunpyeong Style

We’ve been really busy exploring Seoul. It’s a huge city with so many things to see and do that we have been kind of overwhelmed trying to figure out how we can pack it all in. We even bought a stroller so that we could spend more time out and let Nu nap on the go sometimes – which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. In the end I think we have managed to see most of what we had hoped, and we have thoroughly enjoyed Seoul. Continue reading

The Soul of Asia

I didn’t think I would have a favourite place on this trip because I’ve loved each place we have been for so many different reasons but alas Seoul has become my favourite. It’s impossible not to like this place. Here are a few of the top reasons I love Seoul: Continue reading