Georgia on my Mind

Our last few days in Romania were spent in Brasov, the tourism hub of Transylvania. It’s a beautiful town, complete with its own Hollywood-like sign. We stayed in a one-bedroom apartment there because we booked last minute and didn’t realize how packed it would be. It turned out to be great though. You can check it out here. The backyard was full of kittens and chickens and we were woken up by the rooster everyday. Continue reading

Nu in Romania

Though we have made this blog to share with all of you, we have also decided to write in order for us to document all of our memories, and one thing we really want to remember is what Nu was doing every step of the way. So the plan is to give an update on what’s new with Nu each month (get it!?). Continue reading

In Sibiu the Houses Have Eyes

We’ve loved Sibiu these past two weeks. I choose this place the same way I choose most of the places we will be visiting – randomly searching town names and looking at images. They say never judge a book by its cover but I’m definitely guilty of judging a town by its pictures. In this particular case, Sibiu didn’t disappoint. It’s an adorable town with tons of charm. Continue reading

Ciorba, Ciorba, Ciorba

On our first night in Sibiu we went to a well known restaurant called Crema Sibiu Vechi where Sami tried an amazing traditional lamb ciorba (soup). I knew Romania was famous for this stuff but I wasn’t expecting much from a simple soup and turned out to be pleasantly surprised. Apparently I love ciorba! So for the next few days I spent every evening trying to replicate/create my own version of Romania ciorba. What follows is the recipe that I came up with. Continue reading

Bye Canada, Hello Romania: Beginning our Journey Across the World in Bucharest

We finally finished packing our bags after an extreme elimination challenge and we were on our way! Being so proud of our perfectly arranged packs, I am quite certain we jinxed ourselves. We arrived in Bucharest with only one bag – my bag, which contained solely my things. Oops! There was nothing to do but shrug it off. So we began our short adventure in the beautiful city of Bucharest – Nu with one t-shirt, one pair of pants and one sweater and Sami with just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.  Continue reading