Good Reads in Georgia

Sami’s Choice: Timeless by Nicholas Tchkotoua

This book tells the impossible love story of a Georgian noble man and a Russian princess. It is set before the First World War in Georgia, France and Switzerland. Even though it is well written, the story seemed a bit stretched and too syrupy for Sami. However, he learnt a lot about the mountain code of honour, the importance of religion in the culture, and the pride of the Georgian people. Sami always likes to do a little back research into the authors of the books he reads and what he found interesting about this author was that he died in Switzerland in 1984 but he asked that his heart be buried in Georgia. In 1988, his family finally smuggled his heart back to Georgia and buried it in a cemetery in Tbilisi. Continue reading

Nu in Georgia

This last month we have seen amazing changes in Nu. When we arrived here in Georgia he was just barely up and walking and now we can’t chase after him fast enough. He is starting to say a few words in both French and English, like ‘teeth’, ‘what this’, ‘bye bye’ and ‘c’est sale’, and has definitely begun to express his personality. He’s into doing everything by himself and likes to test us every once in a while. He always laughs when we laugh, as if he understands every joke, and makes himself laugh a lot too by doing silly things like pretending to eat things off the floor. He is very well behaved though and shakes his head ‘no’ every time he goes near something he knows he isn’t allowed to touch. This is the case with outlets and probably the reason his first French word was ‘électricité’. Continue reading

Georgian Liquids

It seems that Georgia is known for its liquids – water and wine to be more specific. Georgians are very proud of the fact that their country is the birth place of wine, and with good reason, because this stuff is good! Archaeologists have traced wine in this region back 7000 years by searching for traces of compounds found in wine on ancient clay pottery. Georgia was once home to 530 varieties of grapes, the majority of which are still cultivated today. And the method of making the wine hasn’t changed much over the centuries either. Wine is still made in huge ceramic jugs and stored underground until it has matured. It has a unique, light, fruity taste, and if you don’t come with any preconceived notions, or expecting an old world taste, its really very enjoyable to drink. Continue reading

Exploring the Neighbourhoods of Tbilisi

We have spent the past three weeks taking our time to get to know Tbilisi. One of the joys of spending longer than a week in each place we go is that we don’t need to pack activities in everyday and have time to just wander the streets of this amazing city. We don’t feel like locals yet, or even expats, but we don’t exactly feel like tourists either. Rather than tell you about all the things we have done in the past few weeks (we’ve done a lot!), I decided to just share with you some of the areas of Tbilisi that we have come to know and love. Continue reading

Playtime in Tbilisi

This trip is meant to be as much of an experience for Nu as it is for Sami and I so we are always looking for fun activities that will excite him. Even though Tbilisi is a very green city, we have found it a bit tough to find nice parks for him to play in. They are either on the side of a very busy street or people have removed all of the wood railings, swings, bars, etc. for scrap metal and wood to burn (we are guessing??). There also seems to be a lot less children than in other places we have been. So much so that we were prompted to search for the demographic growth rate in Georgia – which not surprisingly is negative. Continue reading

God Bless Jelly Cat

Today was a great day because Nu’s replacement Chunky the monkey arrived! Sadly, we lost the original on our flight from Istanbul to Tbilisi and we’ve been without him for almost two weeks. For anyone who has a child with a favourite toy you will know what this was like! We put an order in with Jelly Cat as soon as we noticed he was gone and we weren’t going to have any luck retrieving him from the airline. Much to our surprise, the package actually arrived! Continue reading

Georgia on my Mind

Our last few days in Romania were spent in Brasov, the tourism hub of Transylvania. It’s a beautiful town, complete with its own Hollywood-like sign. We stayed in a one-bedroom apartment there because we booked last minute and didn’t realize how packed it would be. It turned out to be great though. You can check it out here. The backyard was full of kittens and chickens and we were woken up by the rooster everyday. Continue reading