Hi there, we’re Steph, Sami and Baby Battuta (Nu) – three Canadians wild about travelling!

Sami and I met in Abu Dhabi four years ago. We gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Nu, in September 2015 and in February 2016 made the bold decision to leave our home in the desert behind. Where would we go? Anywhere and everywhere we ever dreamed of.

Sami and I share a love of adventure and had trotted the globe quite a bit before Nu came into our lives. Together we made amazing memories in places like Oman, Jordan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Tanzania, Indonesia, Greece, Serbia and India.

We aren’t writers, bloggers or professional photographers but want to share our story with you anyways. We believe that travelling changes your perspective on life in an amazing way and that its very possible, and enriching, to travel with a baby. We hope our stories may help you in planning your adventures with your own tiny travelers.