Rainy days in Wellington

Its been pouring rain for days now and despite being summer in New Zealand its been an average high of 14 degrees all week. This might have been disappointing if we had come all the way from Canada for our holiday but for us it was an amazing excuse to take a break and watch way too many Disney movies. I swear our Airbnb was designed for this weather, with sheep skins draped absolutely everywhere and a big fireplace. It could not have been more cozy.

We literally watched the entire repertoire of Pixar movies, including an amazing toy story marathon (1, 2 and 3 – we skipped Toy Story House of Terror because it was just taking it too far).  Nu even had 6 of the characters in his toy basket to play along with. And when the sky would clear (for max 30 minutes) we would go outside and explore the magical gardens surrounding this beautiful Victorian cottage. There was a fish pond, baby swings up in the forest, and an amazing BBQ. There were Maori sculptures, Buddhas and perfect shells scattered through out the property and there was even a hidden pixie garden filled with wind chimes and fairies. It made me want to be a kid again!

Having such a great place to stay in, we really had little desire to venture out but we are glad we finally made the effort because Wellington is a very cute little city. We especially loved the Te Papa museum, which has the most amazing exhibits for kids and is free! Nu thought the Giant whale heart and Maori drums were particularly cool.

The botanical gardens (which are also free) are stunning and a great place for kids to run around. Nu stopped to smell almost all the flowers and was very excited about the duck pond.

We didn’t spend much time wandering the streets of downtown because of the weather but we did have a very nice afternoon on Cuba street, which is the hippy pedestrian street of Wellington. There were buskers playing music, kids running around barefoot and plenty of pigeons for Nu to chase.

We’ve made our way to Lake Taupo after a long five hour drive and plenty more rain but were blessed with the most beautiful site as we approached the lake. It was the perfect reminder that sometimes rainy days bring rainbows.