Nu in Thailand

Nu really hit the jackpot with our stay in Hua Hin. He was on the beach everyday, had an endless selection of quality stones at the Sheraton Hotel, was adored by all the staff, played until he collapsed at the kid’s club and had all the seafood he could dream of. 

He loved visiting the night markets of Hua Hin and literally wanted to buy one of everything. It was endless pointing and ‘need this’. He really stepped up his game after we caved and bought him his favourite vintage red truck. He loved it so much that he held on to it for three days straight. He insisted on sleeping with it the first night and when I slipped in to grab it after he fell asleep he woke up in an absolute fit. I thought I had scared him but actually he was just furious that I took his truck away.


We also picked up a few very thai outfits for him and he now truly looks like the drifter he is. He even indulged in a foot massage on our last evening and shockingly stayed still for a full 15 minutes.


We’ve spent a lot of time learning about Christmas these past few weeks and have watched the Caillou Christmas special in French and English no less than a hundred times. I guess he’s absorbing something because the first time he saw a Santa not on the TV he shouted ‘Santa’.


He’s throwing a lot of new words into his endless chatter and we’re now catching things like ‘truck’, ‘rock’, ‘dog’, ‘autobus’ and ‘tigre’. He even has a particular stone which he refers to as his ‘dog rock’, which in all honesty does look a lot like the head of a dog.

Nu has also mastered how to kick a soccer ball and is making his Papa very proud. One afternoon he played for a full hour with a 16 year old kid. Eventually he just gets exhausted though and lays on top of the ball to rest.


As Nu’s second Christmas approaches and the year is coming to an end, it’s hard to believe how much our little guy has changed over the course of the past year, and especially these past 5 months that we have been travelling. He’s gone from just barely walking in Romania to a super speedy runner, finicky eater to lover of fine cuisine, and a needy Mama’s boy to Mr. Independent. We just keep loving him more and more every day!