Blissfully Bored in Hua Hin

At the end of our time in Taiwan we were feeling dirty, tired and very ready for a vacation from our vacation. We vowed to ourselves that after two months of moving every ten days or so that we needed to stay put in one place for a long stretch and seriously chill. We also decided that it was time for a family makeover, with new clothes and haircuts all around.

We decided on Hua Hin quite randomly. A family we had met in a park in Brasov, Romania had started a kite surfing school here and told us it was a great place to visit with a family. We decided to take their word for it and found the best apartment on Airbnb to stay for a full month. You can check it out here. Its called the Blue Lagoon because it has a huge 1 mile long pool that meanders through the condo complex and it’s attached to the Sheraton hotel. For next to nothing we were also able to get a month long membership to use all the facilities at the hotel, which has been nothing short of amazing. But by far the best thing about this place is that we have a real crib and high chair for Nu!


We’ve been in Hua Hin now for almost three weeks and have done nothing but veg and soak in the sea and sun (literally, I can count on one hand the number of times I have left the complex!). Hua Hin is to Bangkok what Muskoka is to Toronto or the Hamptons are to New York. Only Two hours south of Bangkok, it’s the weekend escape of the Thai elite. It’s long been home to the summer residence of the royal family and because of this it’s managed to fend off the seediness of other Thai beach towns like Pattaya and Phuket. Strangely, it’s also stayed off the backpacker radar and seems largely undiscovered by westerners (except for those old guys that have become Thai by marriage).


So far the most exciting (and terrifying) thing that has happened during our stay was the spotting of a 6 foot long king cobra in the kid’s playground. As scary as this was, the one upside has been that a quick chat with the manager has gotten us free access to the kids club – a dream come true for Nu! The snake is still on the loose and was spotted by another family with two children yesterday so we are being extra careful these days.

The kids club is packed with toys, a ball pit, a slide and little tikes cars, and Nu never seems to tire of playing here. He’s made lots of new friends from Bangkok and has even had an invitation to visit a new best friend in Hong Kong.


Every week there is a new massive Indian wedding being set up. We are currently on number three. They usually last a full week and have 2-3 events a day. Nu invited himself to a Hawaiian luau last week, just waltzing in and making himself comfortable in the kid’s zone. No one told us to leave so we just stayed on the perimeter and enjoyed the festivities. I guess we technically crashed a wedding for the first time! The decorations and outfits are out of this world and must cost a fortune. I honestly feel that we may have learnt more about Indian culture than Thai culture during our time here so far.

Besides making the occasional trip into Hua Hin for groceries or a massage, we really have stuck to our plan of rest and relaxation. We’ve been cooking at home, which feels great and getting Nu on a good schedule again. My sister once told me that no one is more suspicious than a mother whose child has just slept though the night for the first time and she couldn’t be more right. I wouldn’t dare admit it for fear of jinxing it but lets just say things in the sleep department have improved drastically!

We plan to rent a car and venture out in Hua Hin more in the coming week so hopefully we will have more exciting stuff to report on soon!