Nu in Taiwan

Surprisingly, Tainan is quite child friendly, with toys, parks and highchairs being easy to find. Even though our apartment is really small and Nu only has his small collection of toys, he’s been quite happy here and very busy exploring.

A trip to the park is always an interesting experience – especially on the weekends when they are particularly packed with people dancing and practicing Tai Chi. Nu is often mesmerized by this and will sometimes try to catch the rhythm with a few of his adorable hip thrusts. Our funniest park moment though had to be when a man tried with all his might to sell us a caterpillar. He was quite the salesman and chased after us for ten minutes shouting ‘caterpillaaaaar’. We kept trying to run away but Nu kept going back giving the man renewed hope that we might cave and buy one of his green fury friends.

On really hot and sticky days, instead of going to the park we visit the Literary Museum of Tainan. It seems like a strange spot to return to multiple time but they have a great exhibit about children’s literature where Nu likes to run around and a very cool reading room with a huge selection of English kid’s books.

We thought we had gotten really lucky when we even came across a hair salon that had special airplane and car chairs to cut kids hair. Nu was in dire need of a haircut – people had been asking us for the past few weeks if he was a girl or a boy. Unfortunately, it was too late before we realized these people had never cut non-Asian hair and he ended up with a horribly uneven bowl cut. These are the nice people that butchered his beautiful golden locks…


We like to joke that Nu has been learning Mandarin and that he is serving as our translator on this trip. For some reason whenever there is a sign at eye level for him he will start pointing at the characters and ‘talking’. For the most part he is still just babbling but we do catch the occasional word these days, like ‘dirty’, ‘dog’ or ‘eyes’.


We are also catching a lot of animal noises and he let out a huge roar when we entered the natural history section of the Chimei Museum the other day. He spent a good half hour talking to the animals and loved it. I, on the other hand, was totally creeped out by this dead zoo!


I’m not sure if it’s been the East Asian Zen influence but he also has a new-found love of smooth stones and yoga. He has acquired quite a collection of rocks and even has a special ‘breastfeeding stone’, which he holds before his naps.