The Soul of Asia

I didn’t think I would have a favourite place on this trip because I’ve loved each place we have been for so many different reasons but alas Seoul has become my favourite. It’s impossible not to like this place. Here are a few of the top reasons I love Seoul:

I love how trendy it is. You can literally pair pajama bottoms with runners and a puffy jacket and still somehow feel like a fashion star here.

I love the practicality and functionality. Public bathrooms have high chair seats to plunk your baby in when you are peeing, and even the soap dispenser is cool! I love how organized it is. There are slippers for everything – for the balcony, inside the house and in the bathroom. Even our chairs have slippers!


The food is amazing. I ate trotters – yes that’s right – pig feet, and they were delicious! There hasn’t been one dish I’ve had that hasn’t tasted great or cost more than ten dollars.

Most of all, I love the people. I have never encountered such a kind and generous culture. Someone is always offering to translate a menu, get you on the subway or entertain your crying baby. A man even insisted on giving us his umbrella when it was raining. When we finally accepted he had a big smile and gave us a very warm ‘welcome to Korea.’

I’m pretty sure Nu likes it here just as much as I do. On our first day we took him to the best kids cafe I’ve ever stepped  in. It had a pretend grocery store complete with ‘fresh’ produce and shopping carts, trampolines, giant stuffed animals, little tikes cars AND buses, and a massive sand pit filled with dump trucks and loaders. Of course the sand pit was also perfectly equipped with tiny overall aprons, a mini sink for washing and a sand dusting station.

The parks here are also great. So far we have visited the energy park and the food park, which is directly across from our apartment. The energy park is filled with wind turbines and solar panels and is such a cool place to teach kids about renewables. Our food park (well that’s what we call it) has giant tree planters in the shape of onions and carrots, a giant fried egg and frying pan, giant hotdogs and a big spoon in the sand pit.

The parks are filled with young and old, and everyone wants to strike a conversation and hold Nu. He’s a pretty big hit here and probably has his pictures floating all over Korean social media these days. I’m not joking about this fee for photo taking! I think it could be a big business.

Nu seriously makes a new friend every five minutes…

Our apartment is also awesome. You can check it out here. It’s small but extremely practical and in a very cool area called Eunpyeong-gu. I was worried we might be a bit far out but the subway is so good here that we have been able to get everywhere we need to go with ease. Our host, Emma is also incredibly kind and invited us for a delicious Korean BBQ on the roof of the house on our first night here. This was probably our favourite meal so far!

We will be sure to share more soon about what we’ve been up to in Seoul!