Nu in Korea

Nu is 13 months and seems more like a toddler than a baby now. Tear. He’s an extremely outgoing and strong willed little guy. He has made friends with literally everyone we have passed in the streets of Seoul and charmed them with this weird finger pointing thing he does. Funnily enough everyone does it back to him and its become like this strange universal greeting. 


His favourite thing about Korea has been the Korean BBQ. He seems to have very selective taste and prefers meals that include 100% meat. He also seems to enjoy being involved in the preparation and maybe likes the smell of it being cooked. Whatever it is that he loves, it’s kept us going back to this one Korean BBQ place that now feels like our second home. On the fourth time there I was feeling really embarrassed to be back but on the fifth time it just felt so right. The best thing about this place besides the food and the service is the highchair and internet! Dinner is always a smoother process with a little Sesame Street or Bob the Builder.


He also loves eating the massive apples here and insists on having an entire giant apple to himself as a snack.


He has suddenly learned how to count and shocked us one day when we sat down at table number 12 in a restaurant and pointed precisely at the numbers and said “un, deux”. He has also picked up a few more French words, like “au revoir”.

We bought Nu a stroller while in Seoul because its such a big city that we needed more time out between his naps. He thought this was really exciting and for the first couple of days we are pretty sure he thought it was a toy and not a mode of transportation. He was asking to get in and would cry when we took him out. But as with most things, this interest faded quickly! Here he is with one of his many stroller friends on the subway.


We’ve had to buy Nu some new clothes because he is growing so quickly. Its really hard to let go of his old things because to me each item of his clothing has a memory but of course we don’t have space to keep collecting as we continue to travel. As sad as it is to say goodbye to some of his old things, we think he looks pretty trendy in these new Korean outfits.