Nu in Georgia

This last month we have seen amazing changes in Nu. When we arrived here in Georgia he was just barely up and walking and now we can’t chase after him fast enough. He is starting to say a few words in both French and English, like ‘teeth’, ‘what this’, ‘bye bye’ and ‘c’est sale’, and has definitely begun to express his personality. He’s into doing everything by himself and likes to test us every once in a while. He always laughs when we laugh, as if he understands every joke, and makes himself laugh a lot too by doing silly things like pretending to eat things off the floor. He is very well behaved though and shakes his head ‘no’ every time he goes near something he knows he isn’t allowed to touch. This is the case with outlets and probably the reason his first French word was ‘électricité’.

Untitled 1.png

He’s obsessed with trains right now, either because we took him on a train ride or because his favourite TV show is ‘Bob le Train’. He’s also terrified of cows when they moo because we took him to a little farm and a baby cow mooed in his face. Now every time he sees a cow he gets so upset.

He’s been saying Dada since he was 7 months but it has taken slightly longer for him to learn Mama. For a long-time he just called me ‘Deda’, a slight variation on Dada. I was relieved when we arrived to Georgia though and found out that in Georgian ‘Deda’ means ‘Mama’. And it turns out he knows how to say porridge in Georgian too – ‘Papa’.

He’s still not into eating much but will always go for a good cut of meat, and these days he’s really into grapes. I guess maybe he feels left out with all the good wine we are drinking and this is as close as he can get. He particularly loves eating them straight from the vine.


He’s hugely famous in Georgia for his backpack. Seriously though, we’ve gotten a taste of what its like to be in the spotlight and we sometimes wonder what he will be feeling when we arrive in New Zealand and he’s just another backpack baby. Absolutely everyone wants to hold him, and squeeze his chunky little thighs. Even the men here are crazy about babies here, but it’s the old ladies that take the cake. Nu still willingly will go into any stranger’s arms without the blink of an eye.

As much as he is our little wild child, this guy also seriously knows how to chill. He loves to relax with a cartoon on and LOVES a little massage – especially from Papa. He even loves having his sunscreen applied because he gets a nice massage with it. I’m currently trying to teach him how to massage me while Papa massages him but he’s so clever he always jumps to the front of the massage train.


The big news this month is that Nu turned one today!!! We’ve had several days of celebration and many sweet treats, including ice cream and cake. Its hard to believe that its already been one year since we welcomed our little shining light into the world.