Good Reads in Georgia

Sami’s Choice: Timeless by Nicholas Tchkotoua

This book tells the impossible love story of a Georgian noble man and a Russian princess. It is set before the First World War in Georgia, France and Switzerland. Even though it is well written, the story seemed a bit stretched and too syrupy for Sami. However, he learnt a lot about the mountain code of honour, the importance of religion in the culture, and the pride of the Georgian people. Sami always likes to do a little back research into the authors of the books he reads and what he found interesting about this author was that he died in Switzerland in 1984 but he asked that his heart be buried in Georgia. In 1988, his family finally smuggled his heart back to Georgia and buried it in a cemetery in Tbilisi.

Steph’s Choice: Waiting for the Electricity by Christina Nichol

Even though this book was written by an American it gives amazing insight into the Georgian culture and way of life. In particular, it paints a vivid picture of the post-Soviet struggles of this country, where fuel shortages and power cuts shaped the daily lives of the people. The story follows the character Slims Achmed, who would give almost anything to move to the U.S. He is fed up with the corruption and inefficiency of his country, and most of all is tired of living his life by candlelight. But when he is given the opportunity to move to the U.S., he comes to realize what his country really means to him. It is incredibly funny and easy to read book that makes you love Georgia and Georgians. For anyone that wants to visit Georgia or even just get to know the place, this book comes highly recommended!

Nu’s choice: Can’t even translate this one…

As we do with all of Nu’s foreign language books, we write the plot. This book tells the thrilling tale of Julius the dog and Claude the rooster. They are best friends and every morning they wake the town up together with their calls…until the fox arrives! Don’t worry though, Julius always save the day!