Nu in Romania

Though we have made this blog to share with all of you, we have also decided to write in order for us to document all of our memories, and one thing we really want to remember is what Nu was doing every step of the way. So the plan is to give an update on what’s new with Nu each month (get it!?).

Nu is almost 11 months now and busy, busy, busy. He’s been a real trooper when its come to travelling. He makes tons of friends at every airport, snoozes on the plane and even enjoys a good plane meal (like mother, like son).

He’s really into anything with the texture of Styrofoam and loves to eat these gross puffed corn snacks that are sold everywhere here. A little kid gave him one at the park and they have been a mandatory side dish to every meal since (including breakfast). He is an extremely picky eater so we use these as an opportunity to slip food in when he opens his mouth. How deceitful we are! Along with his puffed snacks, he must always have sour cream, or smantana as its called here. He likes covrigis (a bagel-like pastry) and pretzels when on the go and has decided that he prefers Italian gelato over the Romanian variety.

He’s up and walking now but can literally run the second other kids are around. He so desperately wants to play that he just forgets his feet and takes off. It’s adorable watching him interact with other kids. Whatever park we go to he’s usually got a gang rallied up in a matter of minutes and they are all crawling around next to him or imitating him as he excitedly slaps any surface.

FullSizeRender (17)

He will make friends with anyone but he seems to have a particular preference for girls in the 6-10 age bracket. He’ll always give them a holler from the backpack if one walks by us on the street, and one in particular, who let him wear her sunglasses, stole his heart in Sibiu.

He’s still very much obsessed with wheels. They can be on anything from a small car to an electric wheel chair. We are just big fans of things that go! He’s also into antiques as we’ve mentioned several times, and Sami and I like to joke that he is a professional dealer scoping new pieces for his collection. Refrigerators are also generally a big hit. If anything is wrong, open that fridge door and there will be a smile on his face. Funny because he has basically zero interest in eating anything but breastmilk.

His favourite game right now is called ‘pillow land’ where we basically put every pillow from our apartment on the floor and let him flop around like a maniac. He also LOVES a good trip to the grocery store, and particularly a Carrefour. There are always so many exciting things to explore!

On the style front, he’s looking pretty snazzy in his Adidas Stan Smiths, but he does have the occasional interesting combo on laundry day or when Papa decides to get creative. He’s also sporting a new hair style after his first trim in Brasov.

And finally, the big news this month is that he got his top two teeth!