Georgia on my Mind

Our last few days in Romania were spent in Brasov, the tourism hub of Transylvania. It’s a beautiful town, complete with its own Hollywood-like sign. We stayed in a one-bedroom apartment there because we booked last minute and didn’t realize how packed it would be. It turned out to be great though. You can check it out here. The backyard was full of kittens and chickens and we were woken up by the rooster everyday.

We toured the old town and visited the Black Church, the Museum of Urban Civilization and took a stroll down Strada Sforii. This street, also known as rope street, is believed to be the narrowest street in Europe. Legend has it that if you walk all the way down this street arm-in-arm with your loved one and make it to the end without touching the walls you will spend your whole lives happily together. Don’t worry, we made it all the way with even Nu keeping his arms in!

Every night we took Nu to the park on our street and realized how easy it is to befriend local people when you have a child. All the people we met were super friendly, giving us suggestions for our trip and sharing their children’s toys with Nu.

One of the main reasons we wanted to visit Brasov was to take a side trip to Bran to see Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle. When we headed on the road to Bran we were caught in a serious traffic jam and just assumed it must have been an accident. When we finally made it there we realized that the traffic was actually just caused by the sheer number of people coming to see the castle. We took one look at the enormous line with literally hundreds of people and turned around. We decided a picture of the outside would do the trick and instead wandered through the souvenir stands at the base of the hill and tried on funny hats, as we normally do.

The next day we made our way back to Bucharest to catch our flight to Tbilisi. We had a horrible experience returning our rental car and were charged almost 400 USD for a tiny scuff mark on the roof of the car which we are certain we didn’t cause. All I can say is never rent from Economy Car, and particularly not in Bucharest!

After a very long flight and very little sleep we’ve arrived in Tbilisi, Georgia. Nu proved to be a real champion on this trip, staying up without complaint from 7 am to 11 pm with only one car nap along the way. He also suddenly discovered how to run at the airport and is now seriously on the move.


When we arrived at the airport we were met by an old man holding a sign saying 4 Roma. He led us out of the airport and before we could blink an eye and he had lit up a cigarette. We were prepared for Tbilisi to be a little rough around the edges (something we truly love) and as expected, the driver took one look at our car seat and said ‘no need.’ There weren’t even belts in the back. The car looked something like a really shitty version of the back to the future car. It took a few seconds to get the engine started and three minutes into flying down the road, his front window fell off. At this point I was so tired that I couldn’t control my laughter and had to pretend I had something stuck in my throat.

When we arrived at the apartment, it was like stepping into a scene from Anna Karenina (yes, I know we’re not in Russia). It was actually built by a rich prince for his mistress in 1850 and later became a famous bohemian salon in Tbilisi. Its an amazing space with soaring high ceilings, beautiful old wallpaper and antique books galore. Its only our first day here so we haven’t been out to explore much but we are really excited to be spending the next month here and are looking forward to sipping a few glasses of Georgian wine on our balcony looking out over the Kura River.