Colourful Valparaiso

Valparaiso is an incredibly colorful, arty, hilly, hippy city for people with strong legs.  In fact, it’s probably the most colourful city I’ve ever seen and I’ve never walked such steep hills. When we arrived, we agreed that the rental car had to be parked and stay where it was. There was no way our tiny standard could handle those inclines!  Continue reading

Between the Pines in Algorrobo

Our arrival in Chile didn’t start off exactly as planned. The flight was amazing because we had a clear view of the Andes as we descended into Santiago but we were left with much to be desired when we saw our rental car. Sami is responsible for renting our cars and he’s still paying the price for this booking! Not only does it have bicycle wheels for tires, it has no air conditioning! It drives like a tin can and feels like you are pushing 200 km/h when you go above 80 km/h. The one positive thing is that Sami looks enormous in it and it really makes me smile. Also Nu seems to really enjoy it because he thinks it’s just another one of his toy cars. Despite it’s miniature size, it got us to our first destination in Chile – Algarrobo – in one piece.  Continue reading

Flytographer Shoot on Temae Beach in Moorea, French Polynesia

This year we received the best birthday present from my family – a photo shoot with Flytographer in Moorea, French Polynesia. Flytographer is a very cool Canadian startup that connects travelers with a network of over 400 local photographers in 200 destinations around the world. I think this was the possibly the coolest gift ever because we have absolutely no more room in our bags and there is honestly no better souvenir than capturing a candid moment in a special place. Also I think my family knew that I was getting a little tired of my blurry iPhone shots and only being in 1% of our photos. Continue reading

Thermal Explorers

Our last week in New Zealand was a crazy tour from small town to small town, making our way from Lake Taupo back to Auckland. We stayed in a farm, in a cottage by the beach, in the rolling hills of the Waitakere Ranges… and a lot of time in New Zealand’s fancy McCafes in between. Whoever thought up the idea of the McDonald PlayPlace is an actual genius. Continue reading